News:Report from Turkey

A report from AnatoliaLit Literary Agency, based in Istanbul

House of Anansi Press

June 13, 2013 – Update

This past weekend many of us in Canada began hearing news reports about the protests taking place in Turkey. Although most of the information being reported was rather scarce in detail, it was clear that what had initially started off as small peaceful sit-in, had quickly erupted into something of a much bigger scale, both politically and socially.

On Monday morning I arrived at the office to find an email from Anansi and Groundwood’s Turkish subagent, Amy Spangler. Amy is the co-founder of the Instanbul-based AnatoliaLit Copyright and Translation Agency.  Amy and her colleagues act as sub-agents for Anansi and Groundwood, helping us place our titles with Turkish publishers. Most recently, they negotiated the Turkish sales for the Ava Lee Series by Ian Hamilton and the Stella and Sam Series by Marie-Louise Gay. They are a lovely and dedicated crew, and I look forward…

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