Poem 12 In Solidarity: Molotov

By Sarah Crewe


1.   helen raised her hands to the sky at the earthquake

           ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff   bloody  bloody  hell

      this is nothing to do with cyprus

ff fthis is nothing to do with religion

2.   nature poems are the first refuge of those
ffffftoo scared to stand up and be counted

fffffthis has nothing to do with trees
fffffthis has nothing to do with
ffffflittle girl hiding in the trunk
fffffwaiting to be rescued from
fffffbig bad blown up grown up
fffffffffffffffffffffff    ffffftents

3. i do not speak your language
ffffof z         phonology  of dots
ffffso when i do this .    .    .
fff ffff  fffffff fffffffff fffffff.    .    .    . 

what i mean to say is please be wary of managed decline

4.  they ran down the street i grew up
ffffin smashing headlights      urchins
ffffsetting light to glass bottles

5. you do not know my accent but
fffflet me just state how ridiculous
ffffagent provocateur sounds in
ffffmy voice but molotov is
ffffbrash  baltic
ffffchimes a dialect
ffffchimes a dialogue

6.  i heard from gezi ‘13
ffffthis has nothing to do with violence
ffffthis has nothing to do with war
ffffthis has nothing to do with riot
ffffthis is insurrection

Sarah Crewe is from the Port of Liverpool and enjoys writing working class psychogeography from a feminist perspective. Her chapbooks include the collaborative Signs of the Sistership with Sophie Mayer (Knives, Forks&Spoons) and flick invicta (Oystercatcher.) Her work has appeared in Shearsman, Tears In The Fence and Litter. She is also a co-editor of Stinky Bear Press, Binders Full of Women and Catechism:Poems For Pussy Riot.


One response to “Poem 12 In Solidarity: Molotov

  1. Reblogged this on Binders Full of Women's Poems and commented:

    Binders editors Sarah Crewe and Sophie Mayer are contributing to Solidarity Park, co-edited by Binders contributor Nia Davies. Contributions invited from all yall!

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