Poem 13 In Solidarity: Greetings

by John Kinsella


greetings, kid
have a go at life
the authorities and their apologists are preparing germs, gas,
radioactivity, asbestos, lead, PCBs, etc.
they will take your beliefs and remake them in their own image
will build weapons and soldiers out of your remnants, etc.
will kill to preserve the status quo and call their power ‘liberty’, etc.
and behind closed doors will indulge in all they forbid
and decorate the prisons with your identities, your blood, etc.
they and their cronies are filling all space with themselves
greetings, kid
have a go at life
without green space without your own moments with God or without

after Nazim Hikmet

John Kinsella is the author of more than thirty books whose many prizes and awards include The Grace Leven Poetry Prize, the John Bray Award for Poetry from The Adelaide Festival, The Age Poetry Book of The Year Award, The Western Australian Premier’s Book Award for Poetry (three times), a Young Australian Creative Fellowship from the former PM of Australia, Paul Keating, and senior Fellowships from the Literature Board of The Australia Council…For more see here


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