Poem 15 In Solidarity: Protoplastic

by Agnes Marton


You are me (said the beast).

From now on
I’m your nameless shelter.

Fear my dreams
half-awake, run.

Ripe in my poison
like cherries,

chase my ways.

Don’t pray, dissolve
in my summer breath.

Our limbs are
overlapping meadows,

hazy honey landscape.


By myself (I told the beast).

Teeth away
or I squeak.

Now you are growlless,

knotty bully.

muddy blender.

Don’t you just
start dirmie-derm.


You’re pulling
my flush about.

Stepping on
all what I bear.

Don’t push me
under your reign.

Who do you think
you are.

Leave me alone,
I build my own.

I fear my own,
I dream my own.

Beastie, come on.

Photo by Writing Out Loud

Photo by Writing Out Loud

AGNES MARTON: Hungarian-born poet. She has been working in publishing since 1991. She participates in exhibitions and art projects: ‘Opposition’ (USA), ‘Flow’ (Switzerland), ‘So What’ (New Zealand), ‘Stone Project’ (USA), ‘Arts et Jardin’ (France), ‘Windows for Burns Night’ (UK), ‘Dharmic Angels’ (UK), ‘European Sculpture: Methods, Materials, Poetry’ (Sweden), ‘Appeal 2012’ (South Africa), ‘Wool Symposium’ (Spain).

Most recent publications: ‘Sculpture/poésie’ (France); ‘Gateway’ (USA); ‘Estuary: A Confluence of Art and Poetry’ (USA, poetry editor and contributor); ‘Penning Perfumes’ (UK), ‘Poems for Pussy Riot’ (UK), ‘Binders Full of Women’ (UK), ‘Shorelines’ (UK), ‘For Rhino in a Shrinking World’ (South Africa), ‘Le monde n’est pas rond’ (Luxembourg).

Recent commissions include ‘Double Bill’ (UK), ‘Glitter is a Gender’ (UK), ‘Exquisite Duet’ (for Used Furniture Review, USA), ‘Cruising Down the Lane’ (USA).


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