Poem 16 In Solidarity: In the Park

By Philip Good

In The Park 

Chained attached unmovable when assigned forces entered. Eviction or else –

Chanting, drumming, whistle sounds, anti-rent war songs. Tin horns and calico sirens calling. Horses. A first bottle thrown conspiracy.

Years later an open all night shop is threatened with eviction. Who’s left
with any conviction to maintain a place to gather no matter what
the hour.

Philip Good

Philip Good

Philip Good studied poetry at the St. Marks Poetry Project and Naropa University. He is a graduate of The School Visual Arts in Manhattan. Besides his work as a poet Good has published articles in the New York Times. In the 80s Good co-edited with Bill DeNoyelles Blue Smoke, the last of the mimeo poetry magazines. Good’s poetry is published in various small press magazines, including: Pome, Oblek, Bombay Gin, Cover, Brown Box and Holy Tomato. His work can be found online with BigBridge, Exquisite Corpse, Tool and The Volta. His self-published books include, Drunken Bee Poems, Corn, Passion Come Running and Coffee Poems. His new book UNTITLED WRITINGS FROM A MEMBER OF THE BLANK GENERATION by Trembling Pillow Press, New Orleans, has been praised by Lisa Jarnot and Michael Gizzi. Michael Gizzi said of Untitled Writings the “100 poems, maybe more—should have appeared a hundred moons ago.” Lisa Jarnot said, “An old friend comes to visit and keeps you up far past your bedtime. The conversation is joyously animated. The gossip is gentle. Curious questions waltz through the room. Who unleashed this light in the darkness? Philip Good, of course.”


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