Poem In Solidarity 19: fin

By Beth Davyson


underneath the metal chain
i drowned out
the clang

of their music, pushed away
the beat beat
of their unborn conversation

-heard the feet of the swans-

heard a little shuddering voice
in the dark green
behind grey ridges

-sweat shivering at the wrong moment-

heard what it said

told it

they’re not watching,
stand on tiptoe

told it
they’re not
ffff it’s the bit of the forest
ffff that you like

ffff your arms are grazed, your legs
ffff have small holes now
ffff your face is not yours.

But you can,
look,        the air drifts
in your lungs

floats out again-   yes

think of your ribcage, too-
in your ribcage

a little fin
ffff slaps the rungs-

Beth Davyson

Beth Davyson

Beth Davyson says: ” I have always written things down but I learnt more about what was going on during a Masters course in Sheffield, in 2011. I have had a poem in the Moth magazine, and the anthology A City Imagined, published by the Poetry Society. I am soon to move to Frankfurt where I will be working for an agency translating creative work from German to English.”


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