Poem 26 In Solidarity: The Effect

Omrum Uzun

The Effect

I stopped an old lady in the street
Making noise with a saucepan and spoon
To protest the PM and police terror

And asked why

She said:
‘’A butterfly landed on a delicate forget-me-not
That’s all I know.’’

The poet has kept a ‘poetic log’ of the Gezi Park/Taksim Square protests. This poem was written on June 03, 2013.

Omrum Uzun

Omrum Uzun

Born in 1960, Ömrüm Uzun graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine as salutatorian in 1984. She specialized in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. She has been an academic staff member since 1993, and professor in Medicine since 2002. Her passion for writing roots back to her teenage years. Being an amateur writer, she completed two novels in 2009 in English; ”A Man, A Woman and a Story”’ available as an e-book and ”The Roots of Heart” still awaiting editing. She embarked on writing daily since July 2012 and has published 375 poems in English so far in her blog omrumsworld.wordpress.com


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