Poem 27 In Solidarity: Due to Human Error

Anat Zecharia

Due to Human Error

The universe is expanding, so I’ve heard,

and new stars are created.

And we hope to have a life,

one case which is exceptional.

Somebody promised us there is tomorrow

so we’re in no hurry to love.

Polished, articulate and fast

we can identify

the questions asked before,

preparing our response in advance.

Answering as though we were

chatting on a bus.

Saying good to bad and bad to good

laying darkness.

Gathering in front of a television set,

entire lives pass us in anticipation

mollified with weak tea,

over and over again:

a Russian passenger plane

nearly crashed due to human error,

somebody bit a policeman’s ear,

a three foot crocodile is trapped

near some Kibbutz,

children kidnapped by their mother

will be returned to Sweden,

a boy invited to see magic

was raped, and route four was closed off to traffic.

And thousands of things we are not.

At the end we’ll be given a plot

not that it’s what we dreamed of,

but the quiet,

the cyclamens.

Translated by: Irit Sela.

Anat Zecharia

Anat Zecharia

Anat Zecharia, was born in and continues to live in Tel Aviv. She is a writer and photographer, and teaches creative writing and writes dance reviews in “Yedioth Aharonot”. She is also active in the “Artists’ greenhouse for social activism” by Musrara Jerusalem.

Her work has been published in various literary magazines and she has been awarded the Streets Prize from the city of Tel Aviv, and the Sha’ar Poetry Festival Young Poet’s Prize. In 2008, Helicon published her first poetry collection, entitled As soon as Beautiful ( Yafa Ahat Kodem). Her second book Due to Human Error was recently published by Bialik Institute.


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