Poem 37 In Solidarity: प्रमाण (Proof)

Viplob Pratik


युद्ध जित्नकै लागि
यदि हतियार उठाएको भए तिमीले
जाऊ एकपल्ट योद्धाहरुको चिहानमा
र सुन रातको सुनसानमा त्यहाँ गुञ्जिएको मौनता ।

कुन मान्छेले कोसँग जितेर
कति सीमा र समयसम्म
आफ्नो जितको झण्डा फहराएको छ ?
मान्छेले जितेँ भनेर
कतिसम्म चिच्याउन सक्छ !
र, जितको झण्डा बोकेर
कुन युद्धपुरुष अहिलेसम्म जिउँदै छ ?

मान्छे केवल आफ्नो जितको उन्मादमा
मात्तिएर मुर्दा भएको
तिमीले हामी हिँड्दै गरेको यो धूलोमा देख्न सकेनौ भने
कुनै अर्को धूलो छैन मसँग प्रमाणका लागि
कुनै नयाँ चिहान छैन मसँग सबुदका लागि ।

The Proof

If it is to win the battle
That you have taken up arms

Just go once
To visit the graves of warriors
And there listen in the quiet of night
To the resonance of the silence.

Which flags are fluttering
To mark the victory of which person over whom,
Over what period and over which domain?

How much can a person shout that he has been victorious?
Which warrior is still alive
To fly his flag of victory?

If you cannot see on this very dust that we walk on
Corpses intoxicated on their own victory

I do not have any other dust to present as proof.
I do not have any other tomb as proof.

Tr: Jyoti Thapa

Viplob Pratik

Viplob Pratik

Viplob Pratik was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. He closely observed the quick rise and fall of political systems and the changes in social affairs in Nepal. He has travelled the world over, learning from other cultures and societies.

His eclectic background has an immense impact on his poems.Drawing inspiration from everyday life, his thought is compact, and yet sensitive to human values.


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