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Poem 9 In Solidarity: Lemonade

By Lucy Furlong


We caught lemons thrown from windows
and rubbed the sweet juice and pulp across our faces,
citrus comfort for swollen skin, bruised fruit trodden
into streets strewn with metal, through fired clouds.
Acid seeds of future trees now buried in Gezi Park.

Lucy Furlong

Lucy Furlong

Lucy Furlong has provided this bio: Poet and Tree hugger.


Poem 8 In Solidarity: Breath is This

By Linda Russo

Breath is This

it’s too still in this spot

I’m usually less overcome by the solid traffic backdrop

bells sound from a far tower

a single skilled chickadee cracks the facade

I’m half in the people’s park, half in my yard
all asunbeam

all waiting for the moon
I’m waiting for the restorations
the antique birds of night

I know their breath as a kind of bliss
on a hill that’s fucked into commerce
flattened, squared, & sealed

that turns the sounds of birds volcanic
with earth-moving machinery

I’m a widespread cynic on scale with such modifications

my naturalist meanness stirred up

until the little flickers start to cluster in branches
zapping vectors & shifting the metrics
becoming airy, alive, and kind of spotless in the yards
despite us

Community Garden -  from Linda Russo

Community Garden – from Linda Russo

Linda Russo lives in the northwestern United States (Washington) where
she writes, teaches, raises vegetables in a community garden, and
keeps an eye on public spaces, documenting her poetic fieldworks at